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Acronym Full Name Description Function Notes
ACEEE American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
ACH Air Changes Per Hour Measurement related ventilation Used to quantify fresh air in buildings Determine air infiltration = how tight or leaky the building envelope is.
AESC Avoided-Energy Supply Costs
AMI Advanced Metering Infrastructure Integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems Enables two-way communication between utilities and customers
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AQMD Air Quality Management District
ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
ASHP Air-source Heat Pump
BPA Building Performance Association Member organization Represents EE industry Merger of HPC, HEM, EFN and BPI
BPI Building Performance Institute Education and training Certifications Part of BPA
BRO Behavior, Retro Commissioning, and Operational Efficiencies EE savings, not directly from equipment Considers impacts of complete solutions Much of this is related to behavior
BTU British Thermal Unit A measure of heat  energy Determine heating capacity or needs Roughly equal to the heat output of one wooden match
CAISO California Independent Systems Operator Independent grid operator Load manager for the CA electrical grid Predicts demand and directs resources across the 26k miles of electrical distribution lines in CA
CARB California Air Resources Board Regulatory body Oversees Air Quality Districts Responsible for protecting the public from the harmful effects of air pollution
CCA Community Choice Aggregator A local government entity that provides consumers an option to IOUs Provide the public choice over their energy sources AB 117 passed in 2002 allowing CCAs - also known as CCEs
CCE Community Choice Energy A local government entity that provides consumers an option to IOUs Provide the public choice over their energy sources AB 117 passed in 2002 allowing CCEs - also known as CCAs
CCS Carbon Capture and Storage
CDA Comprehensive Design Approach
CEC Clean Energy Connection EFCA Contractor Directory
CEC California Energy Commission State agency Responsible for building codes and enforcement Located in Sacramento
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute A measurement of flow Quantify volume Can be applied to liquids and gasses
CFM25 CFM @ 25 Pascals A reference pressure measurement Standard pressure reference for Air Duct testing Allows you to quantify how leaky duct systems are
CFN50 CFM @ 50 Pascals A reference pressure measurement Standard pressure reference used for Blower Door testing Allows you to quantify building envelope (shell) infiltration (air leaks)
CH4 Methane Natural occurring gas Main component of Natural Gas GWP of 28-36
CO2 Carbon Dioxide Natural occurring gas Used as baseline in GHG conversations
COP Coefficient of Performance
CPUC California Public Utilities Commission State agency Regulatory body Provide oversite of investor owned utilities (regulated monopolies). Main office in SF
DER Distributed Energy Resources Electricity production and storage from small grid connected sources Simple term to describe non-utility produced electricity Renewables, Wind, solar, etc
DER Deep Energy Retrofit
DERM Distributed Energy Resource Management
DOER Department of Energy Resources
DOT U.S. Department of Transportation
DR Demand Response Remote control of appliances in response to loads Third party controls to reduce load during peak demand A grid loss management tool. Typically controlled by a Utility to reduce loads during high demand periods
EDC Energy Distribution Company
EE Energy Efficiency Short for Energy Efficiency Often used in policy conversations related to EE
EEAC Energy Efficiency Advisory Council
EER Energy Efficiency Ratio
EFCA Efficiency First California Member organization Represents EE and Clean Energy Industries Was a chapter of EFN - which merged into BPA in 2019
EFN Efficiency First National Member organization Represents EE Merged with 3 other organizations to form BPA
EGIA Electric & Gas Industries Association
EIA Energy Information Administration
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EISA Energy Independence and Security Act
ELR Envelope/Enclosure Leakage Ratio
EM&V Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Incentive program analysis Used to determine effectiveness of incentives Often used after a program has been in operation to determine effectiveness
EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
ERCOT Electric Reliability Council of Texas
FHA U.S. Federal Housing Authority
GETs Grid-Enhancing Technologies
GHG Green House Gas Gas that contributes to global warming Identify gases causing global warming CO2 ia s GHG, Methane and many others are too
GMP Grid Modernization Plan
GPM Gallons per minute Measurement of the volume of fluid moved over time Measure flow of liquids Typically used in reference to water but applies to all liquids
GSHP Ground-source Heat Pump
GSR Gas Service Representative Gas Utility employee Field technician Primary responder for Natural  Gas related issues
GWH Giga Watt Hours
GWP Global Warming Potential A scale used to compare impacts of GHG gasses Used to measure impacts on ozone layer CO2 has GWP of 1, Methane GWP 28-36,
GWSA Global Warming Solutions Act
HERS Home Energy Rating System
HPCs Home Performance Contractors
HPSH Heat Pump Space Heating Using a heat pump to provide heat Electric heating option Most efficient way to heat building
HPWH Heat Pump Water Heating Using a heat pump to provide hot water Electric water heating option Most efficient way to heat water
IAQ Indoor Air Quality A measurement of particulates and other factors Used as a metric to determine health impacts of indoor air Humidity, ventilation, particulates, combustion by products, off gassing, are all factors that affect IAQ
IOU Investor Owned Utility Regulated Monopolies Provide Natural Gas or Electricity There are 4 IOUs in California
IR Infrared Spectrum of light. Outside the range of human vision IR cameras can be used to see heat Often used as part of an Energy Audit
IRA Inflation Reduction Act
ISO Independent System Operators
IWR Inches of water column
KW Kilo Watt
KWH Kilo Watt Hours
LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
LP Liquefied Propane
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MVA Mega Volt Amps
NAHB National Association of Home Builders
NATE North American Technician Excellence
NCI National Comfort Institute
NEBs Non-Energy Benefits Secondary benefits from EE upgrades Support EE as having more value than dollars saved Typically these are - Comfort, Health, Durability, Safety, IAQ, etc.
NECEC New England Clean Energy Council
NEED National Energy Education Development
NEEP Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
NEI Non-energy impact
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NRDC National Resource Defense Coalition
NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NZE Net Zero Energy
PA Pascal A measurement of pressure Used by many building diagnostic tools The pressure a pad of butter applies to a table. Metric equivalent of PSI
PG&E Pacific Gas & Electric Utility Natural Gas and Electricity 1 of 4 CA - IOUs, Largest utility in the country
PLMA Peak Load Management Alliance
PRV Pressure Relief Valve
PSI Pounds Per Square Inch A measurement of pressure Used to measure pressure Measures the pressure per square inch in pounds
PV Photo Voltaics Solar panels that produce electricity Site generated power source Can be used to supply all of the buildings energy needs - see ZNE
REG Resilient Electric Grid
REN Regional Energy Network
RFG Green Hydrogen
RFI Request For Info
RFP Request for Proposal
RGGI Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
RH Relative Humidity
SCE Southern California Edison Utility Electric only 3 of 4 CA - IOUs
SCG Southern California Gas Company Utility Natural Gas 2 of 4 CA - IOUs, Owned by Sempura - Frequently referred to as So Cal Gas
SDBEC San Diego Building Electrification Coalition
SDG&E San Diego Gas and Electric Utility Natural Gas and Electricity 4 of 4 CA - IOUs, Owned by Sempura
SETO DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Office
SREC Solar Renewable Energy Credit
TEP Total Energy Pathways NEEP
TOU Time Of Use Electric rate structure Encourages reduced electricity use during peak periods to manage load on the grid Rates go up during peak grid load, typically 4pm to 9pm
TRC Total Resource Cost EE rebate program cost evaluation tool A formula used to determine the cost effectiveness of EE programs A TRC of 1.0 = One dollar saved for every dollar spent on running the program
TSB Total System Benefit EE - Considers other benefits of upgrades Used to value all of the savings from EE Non-energy benefits and avoided costs from not using energy - Negawattts
TXV or TEV Thermal Expansion Valve
UDC Utility Distribution Company
USGBC U.S. Green Building Council
VEIC Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
VPPs Virtual Power Plants
VRF Variable Refrigerant Flow A type of compressor used in heat pump and air conditioning systems Matches output to load Much more efficient than single speed or two stage systems
WAP Weatherization Assistance Program
ZNE Zero Net Energy A term for a building that produces as much energy as it uses Increases resilience and does not rely on 3rd party energy sources Many ZNE building are still connected to the grid to provide energy when the PV can't meet all of the buildings needs