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We are a Resource for the Industry

We think one of the primary roles of a trade organization is to be a source of information. Our newsletters and blogs are intended to provide updates and insights into the energy efficiency industry in California. We try and touch on topics that are relevant and have value to our members. But being a resource for the industry doesn’t end there. Here are some of other ways that we are a resource.

Contractor’s Calendar

All over California and online, there are free and low-cost training and events specifically geared to the building performance and energy efficiency industry. You probably get updates on these from many different sources, but we have compiled them all in one place for easy reference. Check out the contractors’ calendar, and let us know if something is missing or if you’d like to add your event.

Continuing Clean Energy Education

There is a wide variety of education offered throughout the state and online. We think it's imperative that contractors stay on top of new technologies and techniques in the clean energy and energy efficiency disciplines. Visit our Continuing Education page for options.

Useful Industry Acronyms

AMI, GHG, IR, VRF, ZNE...? Unsure what an industry two, three, four, or five letter abbreviation stands for? Find a wide range of essential acronym definitions here.

SLA Calculator

SLA, or Specific Leakage Area, is a metric used to determine how leaky a building is. All you need is a blower door, our calculator, and some basic information about the house to determine SLA.

Ask Us Your Questions

Can’t find the answer you need in the Industry library? Have a specific business problem that’s keeping you up at night? Send us an email or pick up the phone. Between staff, the board, and our industry connections we have years of experience in building science and running a contractor business. If we don’t have a good answer for you, we might be able to put you in touch with someone who does. Just ask!