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3 Myths About Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Our Executive Director, Charley Cormany lives and works in Sonoma. In last months blog, he recounted his experience with the Northern California wildfires. During the fires and the dealing with the aftermath, he noticed misconceptions many people have about air quality and home performance. 

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Fire, Smoke, and N-95s

When there is a wildfire the air quality suffers greatly. Unfortunately, people affected by the Northern California fires had to learn about PM2.5 and N95s ratings on face masks. Perhaps this presents the opportunity to further educate the public on other building science principles and practices too.

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Advocacy Update: July 2017

The California Public Utility Commission uses the 3-prong test to allow fuel substitution on projects with incentives. For energy efficiency contractors this represents a barrier that is limiting the switch from natural gas appliances to electric heat pump technology.

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