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6 Tips For Working From Home


6 Tips For Working From Home A little over five years ago, I took on the position of executive director at Efficiency First California. It was a challenging time. I was taking over an organization that had been shrinking in size and was basically in a holding pattern, fighting for survival. My predecessor, our interim…

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It’s All About BS: Building Science


It’s All About BS: Building Science If you ask tradespeople or contractors about how and why they perform a specific task they do regularly in a certain way–like hanging HVAC ducts up high on the rafters in the attic–you usually get one of two responses. Lots of people will fall back on their training or early experience: “I…

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What Is Driving Changes In California Energy Policy?


What Is Driving Changes In California Energy Policy? Image from iStock California is pushing hard to cut its carbon footprint.  Senate Bill 32 (passed in 2016), requires the state to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030; in 2018, former Governor Brown signed SB 100 which set a target…

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Why Heat Pumps All Of A Sudden?


Why Heat Pumps All Of A Sudden? Over the past year, it seems like everyone involved in California energy policy has started talking about heat pumps–even if they’re not 100 percent sure what heat pumps are. What is it about heat pumps that make them so interesting, and why are they suddenly getting so much attention? Most of the…

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The Power Is Off. Now What?


Once again, California has been challenged by devasting and deadly wildfires ripping across the state. The Kincade fire raged out of control in Northern California, and multiple fires were burning in Southern California. All of the wildfires have one thing in common: plenty of dry fuel created by millions of dead trees after four years…

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Unintended Consequences


There is no doubt the electrification trend is taking hold in California. As reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) becomes the most important goal for energy policy, it makes sense to shift end uses of energy away from the limited resource of fossil fuels to the electric grid. Recently, the increase in renewable generation has quickly made…

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Will Decarbonization Work Without Energy Efficiency?

California is going through a policy paradigm shift concerning energy efficiency, the goal of saving energy overall taking a back seat to reducing emissions. With all of these changes, it’s easy to discount the value of energy efficiency and shift all attention toward the shiny new object of electrification. But while a shift in focus toward emissions reduction and electrification will impact the role energy efficiency plays, the goal of using less is still essential.

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Did You Know Your House Has A Tailpipe Too?

Houses Have Tailpipes Too

Recently, there has been a noticeable shift in California energy efficiency policy. For years the focus has been on the overall reduction in energy use. Today, the goals are much more complicated, with aggressive state mandates specifically targeting greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, when energy savings occur has become a factor, often superseding total…

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I believe in electrification. So why did I just install a new furnace?

Our executive director Charley Cormany works with the Building Decarbonization Coalition and National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to bring a contractor’s perspective to residential decarbonization and electrification policy in California.  Efficiency First California (EFCA) manages the SMUD Home Performance Program, which last year started incentivizing electrification with hefty rebates. I subscribe to MCE’s 100% renewable…

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