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Four Steps to a Clean Energy Future

Having the proper knowledge and guidelines to a clean future is crucial now, as we continually see the impacts fossil fuels make to our climate. There are many tools and efficient steps everyone can take to be a part of this important change. Find out more on how to help keep the progression going and keep our environment and our families healthy.

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The Biggest Barrier to Electrifying Buildings is not Technology


As California marches to an all-electric future, there will be challenges along the way. Market transformations require the coordination of multiple efforts. There are often significant barriers in policy or technology, which may be true in this case. There might be a bigger problem with going all-electric, and it is not related to technology.

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2020 Changed Everything – Including the Home Performance Industry


No matter who you are, you probably will never forget 2020. The pandemic has affected the whole planet, and the world has changed. Events we once only dreamed of or saw in science fiction movies are now part of the collective experience. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have a way to go.

There were good things for all of this year’s pain and hardship, especially for climate change awareness and energy policy. The question is, what does the future hold for the energy efficiency industry, and what can we do to prepare?

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Why are Contractors Still Pushing Gas Furnaces?


California is blazing a path to all-electric homes. But replacing natural gas as our primary residential energy source will be a challenge. The real problem is shifting the perception of the market and encouraging large scale adoption. The technology to make this change exists today, so what is the real barrier to supporting all-electric homes?

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Are we overlooking the first step towards electrification?

Are we overlooking the first step towards electrification? As we deploy more renewable generation, the electrical distribution grid is quickly becoming the cleanest source of power in the state. A few years ago, most policy folks thought it would be a stretch to have 50 percent of the electric supply from renewables by 2025. In…

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Is Energy Efficiency Dead In A Decarbonization Future?

Is Energy Efficiency Dead In A Decarbonization Future?   Over the past 50 years, energy efficiency has played a critical role in California. The state’s aggressive efforts to reduce energy consumption, triggered by the oil crisis in the 1970s, has paid off. The results speak for themselves. Appliance standards, building codes, and efficiency rebate programs…

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