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When Simpler is Better: Choosing the Right Home Efficiency Rating for Point of Sale Comparisons

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As the market for energy efficient buildings has grown, so has the need to measure and rate the effectiveness of upgrades and new home efficiency measures. Regulators, programs, and industry groups have come up with a number of rating systems to help inspect, calculate and compare a home’s energy performance. 

Over the years, these models have become more and more complicated. The industry standard measure, Home Energy Rating System (HERS)—Whole House, not Compliance—currently requires hundreds of extremely detailed data points that use very expensive and sophisticated test equipment and it must be completed by a certified HERS whole home energy rater.

Who's Your Best Home Performance Customer?

In my experience, contractors in the home performance field usually try to throw a wide marketing net to reach customers. They set up Google AdWords to target heating and cooling, insulation, and energy audit keywords because those seem like the only options. As Mike Rogers said “Don’t expect the words “home performance” to make your phone ring.

10 Ways for Contractors to Be More Professional

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As with other client businesses, when it comes to making it as a contractor, professionalism is everything. Rightly or wrongly, as a contractor, clients will judge you not just on the quality of your work, but on the overall impression, you leave with them.

Fortunately, some simple changes can make a big difference in how clients view you and improve your bottom line. 

Google HSAs are Bad for Energy Efficiency

To no one's surprise, Google is trying to get into the same space as HomeAdvisor, Porch, and Angie's List. Like these other businesses, it wants to be the UBER of home services. To get into the space, it has been testing a new advertising product in the Bay Area, called Google Home Services Ads, or HSAs. On the surface, it looks like another lead generation service, but according to Energy Circle, more recent updates are bad news for home performance and energy efficiency contractors.

PG&E's Contractor Exchange - Was it Worth Attending?

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Stacy Butler, our Membership Director, speaking at the PG&E Contractor Exchange. (Photo from Build It Green)

The 2016 PG&E Contractors Exchange mingled Home Performance Contractors with A/C Quality Care Program contractors. Was attending the event still worth it for our community? I believe it was. Despite the inclusion of the other contractors, discussions were still heavily based on Home Performance, energy savings, and the Energy Upgrade California Incentive Program.

Takeaways for Contractors

Besides the worthwhile breakout seasons and the chance to connect with like-minded contractors, there were two other big takeaways from the event.