Expanded Collaboration Model Proposes to Engage Power of Efficiency Industry


Efficiency First California invites you to learn about the Residential Clean Energy Roundtable, a new proposal to expand industry participation in the current Home Upgrade program partnership and enable representatives from industry, government, utilities, and program implementation teams to focus on market-building and respond quickly to market issues/opportunities. 

This Webinar summarizes where we are now, where we need to go, and how the the Residential Clean Energy Roundtable can get us there. 

Learn about the:

Residential Clean Energy Roundtable: The Roundtable would be composed of members of the current Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade Working Group, including utility and implementer teams, and a new Industry Council (see below) that convene to address program AND market issues and pursue scalable, sustainable market growth.

Industry Council: An Industry Council would be established to bring industry issues to the Residential Clean Energy Roundtable. The Industry Council would be composed of a broad and comprehensive roster of trade associations for contractors active in the residential efficiency market including: home performance contractors, Building Performance Institute, HVAC companies, insulation contractors, energy auditors, solar contractors, manufacturers and distributors, financing providers, real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, and other interested private-sector stakeholders with geographic diversity.

Transparency: Adopt a policy of public transparency that includes posting meeting notes/minutes, group documents, member list, and other process documentation on a publicly accessible Web platform, and open attendance to all meetings to any interested party.

Consensus: Adopt a robust and consensus-based collaboration process to ensure utility, program, and industry partners can reach agreement on program changes, market-focused solutions, and action steps before program updates are implemented.

To download the presentation slides with speakers notes, click HERE