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The industry of home performance is ever changing in the work scopes, the initiatives on the local, state and federal levels and new standards and best practices are constantly being developed as this industry grows. Whether or not you participate in the Energy Upgrade California program, or are a BPI Certified contractor, these industry developments affect you and we will keep this area of our website changing with the news and new developments in the industry.   

Below you will find links to the following resources:  The exclusive EF California “Yahoo Group”, Industry Leader Blogs and Articles, industry, the latest Industry News and home performance marketing resources.

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The Efficiency First California “Yahoo Group – Contractor Exchange”

Available only to Efficiency First California members, this ongoing blog lead by the leading California home performance contractors and trainers.  This resource has been an ongoing exchange for the development of the home performance industry for over four years.  It is an ongoing, online how-to resource for home performance contractors.  Become part of this group by sending an email to requesting an invitation to become a member of this group.  You will be sent a link and invitation to join by return mail.  Become part of an exclusive industry resource.

Industry Leader Articles & Blogs:

These blogs and industry news articles are generated by home performance industry leaders. You can sign up for their newsletters, become a part of the blogging world or read about what they have to say right here. We will stay current with their updates as we get them. 

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